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1 Tryouts on 13.03.14 15:21

Yo guy, atm im in hospital, i kinda ate sth that wasnt good anymore it seems and i feel sick, i will leave it at 22:00 tonight(said the doctor), so im home 22:20 and i will try to come on if i feel better and we can play two tryouts or sth.around 22:30 or sth, tomorrow i will have to go the whole evening there, maybe im home at late night, depends on how the medical things help. If its not good i have to stay there the whole week-end till sunday afternoon or sth, we will see, but tonight i come home at around 22:30 because i dont live in a city so its kinda"far" away.(hospital) if u want and if i feel good, we can play 1or 2 games, im sorry. P.s. Its the same thing as last days, when i said im ill, but now i went to hospital. Well, im on my handy now to write you this.see ya tonight bros

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2 Re: Tryouts on 13.03.14 19:13

Thanks for the info,

I hope it's not very rude, my GF was in hospital for a "Salmonellosis" when she was 14. Doctors though it was just a gastroenteritis but salmonellosis is very more serious...

I hope you'll be really better tomorrow !!

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