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Weekly Schedules

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1 Weekly Schedules on 03.02.14 17:55

Ranked Team : Session that you start at the fixed time, and you can play as long as all 5 of you are available (and not tired) ;)Tryhard, we need to be Challenger as fast as possible !

Coaching & Brainstorming : Here we will do depending of what we need :
- Watching our replays,
- Watching some youtube videos together,
- Discuss about our main mistakes,
- Discuss about the meta-game and we can prepare our Saturday test-game,
- Discuss about our main strategy (picks/bans, lvl 1, jungle mastering...)

Training if all 5 connected : If you are all 5 available, try to improvise few ranked games !

Trolling / Testing Metagame : We will play 1 or 2 games (depending of players' availabilities) with testing champions, testing team-composition, testing new meta-game possibilities... We can prepare those games wednesday and anytime via the forum : everyone can propose some team-composition and we'll decide what to try the next saturday.

I will set-up some monthly events (Go4LoL, scrims with other teams, other tournaments...) in the forum : those events will be priority over these weekly schedules.

/!\ If you're exceptionally unavailable any day, please let us know in the Schedules Forum at least 24h before !

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2 Re: Weekly Schedules on 11.02.14 11:20

Updated 11/02/2014. To arrange McIsBack, I changed the times of monday, wednesday and thursday schedules.

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3 Re: Weekly Schedules on 11.02.14 13:02

I won't be available this Friday in the evening, but we can play after 13:30 CET till 18:00.

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4 Re: Weekly Schedules on 03.03.14 14:19

07/03: Can't be available after 16:00 CET

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5 Re: Weekly Schedules on 31.03.14 11:48


I updated the weekly schedules for April.

We will try to respect these trainings, if you guys got some unavailabilities (like Angelas, today, he can't play after 20:00) try to write here please Wink

Also if you're all 5 connected out of the schedules, of course play if you want ! We need Challenger ASAP anyways.

PS @JannsoZz : I setted up the saturday 14:30 "troll game" to test new champs and stuff, so lets keep this day for testing stuff, and other trainings just tryhard with the champs that we master  Wink

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