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29/01/2013 - 20:45 : Support Tryout

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Tomorrow's applicant : MCisback. We will also try to play with a jungler met by JannsoZz on soloQ for sub as Jungler.

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i can play tomorrow after 17:00h

at tuesday i came at evening, around 20:00h or sth

friday i come at 21:00

saturday i can play till 14:30 or sth

sunday i can play from 20:00- 01:00

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There is an available ADC :  Bigfoot ADC, but he isn't sure he can be here before 20:55... So I'll try to find another ADC.

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The ADC will, finally, be Lame2Fame.

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I lock this thread, if you have something to add about the applicants, you can do it here :

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