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28/01/2013 - 22:00 : Support Tryout

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Tuesday 28th at 22:00 CET we will tryout Kenshin LFT. He is very motivated Support, I always meet him in the chat, forum and some tryouts. He looks for something very competitive.

His mechanics wasn't perfect in s3 (from what I saw on a tryout I participated too) but he is already Challenger soloQ in s4, so I guess his decision making is great, and I guess he improves very fast.

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That's a bit upset situation, but Yunoshki probably forgot about this game, so he didn't connect this evening... And Sexta Ezpada did the same shit as he already did to me in Season 2 : sometimes he just refuses to answer and play alone (or with other friends) : not serious behaviour at all.

From tomorrow I will look for both positions on the botlane.

We will make it guys.... All the great teams need patience !  Smile 

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