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All my rage on Yasuo

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1 All my rage on Yasuo on 28.03.14 23:42


Just played an ARAM with Yasuo (I would reroll if I wasn't AFK in champ seleciton  Rolling Eyes ) but


it's really the less funny champion ever to play and I really CAN'T understand HOW IS IT POSSIBLE that some people have fun to play that idiotic champion, his skills as as fun as Flappy Bird skills, that's INCREDIBLE how it's so fucking retarded useless UN-FUN skills !!!!! Looks like you play some old-school samurai Qbasic videogame.

I am really against that useless champion and I think he reveals all the ANTI-gameplay of League of Legends and the Airborne system is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY badly explained, any noob who plays this champion will need 3 weeks to understand how this bullshit un-fun ultimate works.

I don't know how mid or top laners can enjoy to play this champion which has NOTHING to do in League of Legends, compared to some champs like Ahri, Fiddlesticks or Ezreal, with who you got so many possilibites, wow.

I'm really really mad about that champion even exists, seriously.

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2 Re: All my rage on Yasuo on 29.03.14 8:23

At the beginning I needed like 2-4 games too, to understand his skills correctly.
For me he is one of the funniest champions to play, because you kinda have to have skill to play him .. Razz

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3 Re: All my rage on Yasuo on 29.03.14 12:13

yasuo is eaaasy Very Happy 

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4 Re: All my rage on Yasuo on 30.03.14 14:32

I think yasuo is pretty strong and he has some nice tools to use, you just need to master them + high skill is needed to play yasuo. About noob players: I think this champion is not for them, ether way good yasuo can turn around most of team fights if played correctly. AND if you can own with champion it becomes fun ^ ^.

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